We put in a better light the residential ensemble you build. Safety, the quality of the materials used and the execution of the electrical installation work create an edge over your customers on a residential developer market. The division consisting of engineers, on-site throughout the work, designers and qualified electricians, experienced in the field of interior and exterior installations, have as main purpose the execution of a quality installation, respecting your requirements of the direct and indirect beneficiaries. By offering complete services we can guarantee the work done according to the norms and standards in force.
The main offered services are:
  • Site organisation: site coordination and technical support to ensure the electricity supply necessary for the proper functioning of the site throughout its duration.
  • Indoor electrical installation: cable and electrical wiring networks, distribution and sub-distribution panels, termination devices and lighting fixtures.
  • External electrical installation: perimeter lighting (access ways, parking, etc.)
  • Low current installation: control-access systems (intercom - indoor and outdoor stations), video surveillance, interior network and data.
  • Related installations: grounding, lightning rod, power generators, fire detection system, underground parking warming system etc.


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