We bring the energy close to you by building the network you need. Every building needs electricity to be efficient and comfortable.

Offered services:

Having the attestation and experience of electrical lines, of air-handling stations, underground or in the cabin, respectively in a concrete or metal tire and electrical wiring.

Work References

Unison Engine Components Bucharest – power supply design;

Parcel Branestiand Ploiesti Station - building electrical installation;

National Institute of Hydrology and Water Management – Power supply;

Favorit Complex – Design, approval and electricity supply;

Low Voltage Network – Ion Creanga neighborhood for Transformation Station 1008 and 752, Bucharest - 6,8 km network, 742 connections;

Low Voltage Network – Corbeanca for Transformation Station 7719, Ilfov;

Low Voltage Network – Ghica Tei neighborhood, Bucharest;

Low Voltage Network and connections for the Ilfov West Operating Section – Modernization of Low Voltage Air Line and Ciorogarla Connections.